Random illustrations, projects from the past, present and the future which you probably won’t be able to see else where!





The ToetYum & Co.: Taart & Toetjes Project.

A promising pastry shop owned by partners Jobeth a Filipino young patisserie and Manuel a Spanish-Dutch Baker, who are currently in Netherlands. They incorporated food illustrations to offer its customers an eye-satisfying brand of theme. The illustrations includes the menu which has a wide range of cakes from chiffon, chocolate to upside-down cakes. The brand itself and the two characters which serves as the main logo of the company. Visit their Facebook page here.

Glaiza and Omar


Glaiza and Omar Wedding Animation Short Film

A 210 clip “animation short” introduction of Glaiza and Omar’s 10 year relationship for a very special occasion which is presented during the reception for their wedding. The project was revolutionary since it was handled by yours most sincerely. Yeah, of course, this was stressful but it was worth my efforts. You can watch the short animation here.

Jakiel at 5



Jakiel Thomas’ 5th Birthday Party Concept

From loot bags, to balloons, to cakes and party decor, this theme is very specific to the color scheme. I have not conceptualized a theme party for Pocoyo’s birthday ever since so this one would set the record.

Book Cover Impressions

More about this in the future…

12 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Beautiful illustrations just loved them. May be in future I can get some illustrations done by you for my blog.
    Can I ask you something?
    When and how you decided you would like to make future in this creative field?

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  2. I was actually influenced by Japanese animations at first but as I grew up, I have discovered rather a full tray of artists aside from the ones in Japan specifically Lucy Knisley, Sarah Becan and Harvey Tolibao – DC Comic artist. But of course, I am very thankful for Hayao Miyazaki for giving me such inspirations that I can sleep well at night. Thank you Megha!

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  3. I love the variety of your illustrations. For example, I like how you have some “cutesy” pictures and other “picture-book style” illustrations, while you also have other pictures with more of a realistic touch.

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  4. I tend to become more of the “kid’s style” drawing as because I believe it will help them figure things out easily. More of like the easy things to look at. Makes your eyes just relaxed… thanks for pointing that one out!

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