Unlock Unknown Unbelievable


Thank you so much to all who have followed my nonsense blog and also to those who sent me emails. I really appreciate receiving “real” messages from random people as it is really rare nowadays. Not to mention the PCCI registration procedures – yep, it’s a hit. Also, Mr. Dwight Elvies, yes, I’ll mention you here. He probably will be happy if he’ll be able to read this post as we’ve continuously trade emails with the linking queries from blog post to another. I promised him I’ll include him on this site. Thanks for your help even though our replies are about ages. Aaaand… I apologize for unsubscribing some of my WP friends here, you know I couldn’t keep them all on my mail and left unread and I think you already know those were spam mails I guess?

Talk about my recent series of unsubscribing from blogs, a few days ago I installed an App on iTunes. It’s called the indeed job application app. I was a bit bored one day and decided to search for an online job just so I could fill in these extremely unacceptable huge amount of vacant time. I clicked probably 10 jobs per day for one week and I have been receiving calls from an unknown numbers lately and it doesn’t feel right. One day I received a job offer in Kuwait which probably is not my type. The other day I received a call to work as a branch manager in a bank. I couldn’t accept that. The rest are just either from network marketing or other internship jobs. This is really going out of my hands. So for about two weeks, I didn’t answer calls, didn’t bother looking at my phone, didn’t even try to place Clash of Clan (sorry I suck at letting go of good old games), 2048 and Boom Beach. Yes, I sincerely apologize to the people who I missed talking to.

I also have this feeling of a need to disconnect from the dog groups which 1. I manage 2. I have been appointed and 3. I have been required to be active.

What is going on?