Red Is The New Pink


Assuming that I have configured everything for THE final migration this afternoon, I have already upped the system for the new blog site. I have already picked up a new theme, yes, it looked so professional, it looked so classy and expensive. I have gone berserk for the unlimited potentials my blog site could be. I have been wondering all sorts of knick knacks on dot org and is really satisfied with the result.

Well, that didn’t happened. I’ve tried my best of extracting, importing and uploading old files to the new dashboard but it’s not that of a good news. Fail.

Again, it frustrates me why I didn’t took up Web Developing courses in college because that would’ve been so useful this afternoon. As frustration kicks in, I went back to dot com to satisfy my need for change. I changed the color of the background on my site and I made it red with a little higher luminosity. I asked a friend for any comments on the new themed site and he said “Wow! Pink!” I mean “WTF man!?” That’s not pink, it’s RED!

Look at this illustration:


It’s not a pink theme. It’s pastel red.


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