Coping Up With Life Is Not Easy



There’s a TV show host in the Philippines who slammed about depression and shuns meaning about it that it does not exist and that the people – most definitely the youth today only makes it as an excuse to elaborate the ineffable feeling of sadness. For me, his statement is the result of his ignorance and his being insensitive about this seriously unavoidable problem. Depression is not a joke. There is nothing funny about having the feeling of being in the darkness. The people who suffers from it may not look like they have it physically as portrayed on the images of what we are already familiar of.

To those who do not understand it they simply think that the people who thinks they suffer from depression are crazy and are living their lives as miserable as it can be. The mind of a person who has depression is like a clogged up sink. It’s full of everything residual. They may not be able to express to you the things that they are going through because of judgment. They may have difficulties of reaching out. They might also be unaware that they are suffering from depression.

So please, if you are that kind of a person, if you have nothing good to say, just don’t say anything at all. Figures me out.

So for now, I am back on track…well at least that’s what I thought it is. It has been two weeks since I did not move from my place. Just being indoors for two weeks now. Last night, I decided to go out and have a swim at the hotel where my Korean Brother in law is staying. It was a good way to replenish my mood, get back to my life, be somewhat creative and not being such an ass hole. Right now, I still have good hopes in me to fix the mess that I have created one month ago.

Anyway, I also created another episode on my Vlog. I will post it on my Vlog section on this page as if you care or what.

Will be posting more illustrations this week.


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