I Need Inspirations


Hey! What’s  up? It’s been a while since I was able to do some sketches on my phone and last night I was thinking about what to draw, what to put into this page or what entry should I make. It’s like I am obliged to write on this page at this moment. I really don’t know what to write right now. I’m feeling like I just needed to put something on this page.

I opened my mini notebook, made myself some coffee, scanned my old illustrations on my phone, thoughts outside the window. Yes, I need to punch my insanity away to get back to reality.

Compared 5 years ago, I had no holds bar about writing. I write what I want because I know nobody would ever read it. It seems regretful to have opened this page to the public and having the thoughts about people being able to read your soul feels somewhat uncomfortable. Although, saying as of this moment, I am doing it anyway.

I just reflected for about a minute and then I realized why I was doing this post. The reason why I was getting back on track with this blog is because I need to be inspired, to get back on track, to be inclined with my spirit once again as I have been shattered from the recent downward experience. Yes. I needed to remind myself of who I am so I could think of another plan to get me going.

Things I needed to do:

  1. I must read another book for the reason that my words are just trash. I need another writer whom I can be inspired with. I just kept on scanning Youtube for useless streaming and making my time really wasted. The last book that I’ve read was Reza Aslan’s ‘Zealot. The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth’ and I still haven’t moved on. I should get myself a good book so my juice will be stirred up once again.
  2. I have to make some invitation form for the Davao Digital Influencers group for the 1st Davao Dog Friendship Day which will be held on September 30, 2017. Have this been not included on the DACHS (Davao Animal Coalition for Humane Society), it will be a sole activity for DASH (Davao Association of Siberian Huskies) since it was DASH’s idea in the first place. Of course, I am still happy that the activity has been boosted from a mini (although still relevant) event to a major dog activity this year. I am still eager of what this activity will look like. My idea will come to existence!
  3. Although there is a need for me to get back to Surigao Del Sur to rest and be at peace, there is still a need for me to fix every pending issues because how would I be able to be in a stressful environment if I still have problems unresolved? Stupid idea number 3.
  4. I should probably continue the Defter Wolf Ruins but I needed some inspirations to keep me moving. Where’s that jerk who pushed me to do this novel anyway?
  5. I need to draw more and stare less on these screens. My friend who’s in abroad, who just recently learned and embraced drawing, painting has been getting better each day. I know she will be very good at it and will be successful with her art. I am proud that I have inspired her to continue her talent.
  6. I should make a program for my first Digital Sketch Seminar. A couple of people asked me to make an art event which teaches kids, teenagers or the young at heart to learn the basics of drawing, sketching, digital art, painting and digital illustrations. I know this is going to be something serious but I am still being such a slack about it. Again, I need some inspirations to keep me moving.
  7. Should I get back to Surallah, that’s still an issue. Although I miss my crew there. I’m still thinking about as of the moment, but I have number 3 issue going on. So, yes, I just need a little more break.

Can’t think of anything else. Someone’s bothering me right now so I couldn’t think properly once again. Hmmm, I still haven’t figured out what would be the best title for this post.



4 thoughts on “I Need Inspirations

  1. Thank you Luna for keeping up with me. You know I feel a little connection with my WP friends even though I haven’t met most of you guys. Thank you so much! Yes, as of this writing, I am still in a bizarre situation of what to add up to my website. I am torn bertween Netflix, crunchyroll and my wordpress. Which is actually really bad.


  2. Thanks for asking. I initially am pumped up with Lucy Knisley’s graphic comic novel esp. her French Milk. Sad thing is that I dunno where I put that book. I also am being inspired by the Maze Runner series as that’s the only trilogy + 1 book that I have read for the past few months. Some of them are from John Green and that’s ‘Looking for Alaska,’ I am intrigued about his idea about Oblivion and the like so it led me to reading Reza Aslan’s book. Such a long journey. but now, I don’t have any book at hand. making me ill. Thank you so much for your message. I like to respond to these comments coz it’s making my brain work.

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  3. Hey, been awhile! Glad to see you’re posting!
    It’s actually good that you wrote down a list of things to do, I think it helps to keep track of priorities.
    I know the feeling of being unable to write because of lack of inspiration, but it usually comes at moments/places you never thought likely. Don’t worry and just do you! Good luck with everything. 🙂

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  4. Hey Lucky!
    I glad you posted. I can relate to what you are saying. I’ve been having a hard time with inspiration in my writing and I’m FORCING myself to just write and then post it to my blog. I think you are an extremely gifted artist. Don’t stop.
    I wanted to ask you what sort of books do you like and do you draw inspiration from them? Fiction? Non-fiction? Science, SCI-FI, History? Let me know. I might be able to suggest ideas for books.
    Right now I am reading a lot of writer’s memoirs and they are giving me a lot of insight and ideas.
    Take care, Amosgirl

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