Youtube Finds That Wasted My Time

Fuck Off Die

Not really sure what I am doing right now. Not also sure what to write or what’s my reason why I opened my blog. I am not okay. My stomach is in pain. I must have eaten something that made it upset. I have frequent visits again with Mr. Toilet and why am I telling you this? I tried to draw again using my phone and I was a bit disappointed with the result. I am also not in the mood right now so I just stayed at home for the entire day. Watching travel videos on Youtube. Can we be generally just be depressed for just a day? Not really sure about that.

One thing is for sure; My thoughts are killing me right now. Also I have been somewhat feeling regretful why I have opened this site for everyone to read because just like this what I am trying do, this is my vulnerability. This is my raw thoughts. Maybe I just have to redirect these negative thought don’t you think?

How about this one:

Since my day was just lying around, watching nonsense YouTube videos, I will just share to you the things that I have recently subscribed on.

The Finn Show

Finn is an Icelandic American who based on the videos that I have just watched went on a trip to the Philippines. He says on his channel that he goes to everywhere no one goes. The first video that I have watched was his trip to the Enchanted River. Sadly, his visit to that place was limited since during that time, the whole place was regulated for the river’s sake. I liked his show since he promoted well the island of Mindanao.

Maddy Hayes

I only clicked her channel because she featured the Bantayan Island in Cebu. I had good memories there as my best friends and I went there on a trip last year. It was just sad that she didn’t got the entire cake of the island but what I liked about Maddy Hayes is that she appreciated simplicity in all things. Even if her expectations weren’t met, she still has this positive vibes going on. Also, as I went on her videos, I learned she did some charitable works here in the Philippines as part of the community service on her church in the U.S. I can’t remember the name of the project but I am sure that a word “kuya” was attached to it. It means older brother in English.

데이브 The World Of Dave

Have I not mentioned that I can speak Korean? No? Well, anyway, Dave is one of the person who I admire for his Korean Speaking ability. I mean, he’s an American but he lived his way like a true Asian. Along with his multi-national friend featured on his YouTube channel, they relentlessly entertained me with funny and educational videos. For me they were all educational. I’ve learned some the words which I have included on my Korean Vocabulary.


Wait, why have I subscribed to this channel? Oh yeah, I remembered, I was just scanning coffee shop tunes and was redirected to his channel. I watch his coffee shop hopping along with his notebook and laptop. Nothing special. Just some useless finds.


Wait, come to think of it.

I am just wasting my time here.

I could have just read my book instead of watching these nonsense!

I have to go.

I should have also finished my novel instead.

Of course, I am out of words.



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