Commissioned Art Work

Family Caricature

I felt really sorry to miss Maria Celeste for not being able to meet up with the deadline. I wasn’t able to explain to her the reason why I was super ferking late. Anyway, if you are reading this, my reasons are listed below:

1. 40% of the whole month of April and May was solely dedicated to the Davao Association of Siberian Huskies -which two of my friends organized. It went so fast that we were able to boost its activities amidst the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

2. I’ve also dedicated 50% of my time at work. Well then, that’s actually an exception because that’s WORK. But you know, designing dog illustrations is not an easy task. As of now, I have 16 dog designs up for grabs and all are available for purchase on Facebook. You can check all the merch here: Scyther Sales and Technologies, Inc.

3. I was busy with my soon to be opened RESTAURANT! The thing is I always end up catching up with my business partners and of course I can’t help myself but to be feeling excited about that. I also have a good news for Wallberry as it was recently verified by Google on the Google Places and Maps. You can just simply key in on Google ‘Wallberry Restaurant + Bar’ and see where we are! I’ve also put up a separate blog for that. You can visit it here: The Wallberry Restaurant + Bar.

This is absolutely stupid of me enumerating such excuses. REALLY SORRY ABOUT THESE THINGS! REALLY!

I can’t make promises but I will try my best to fix these recently pumped up schedule!

Can’t wait things to happen in July.

So, here are some of the caricatures for Maria Celeste also known as the BusyQeenPhilippines .


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