The Ideal Store: How A Simple Note Became A Reality

Not too long ago, me and two of my friends were discussing about putting up our very own restaurant at the top of the hill. The initial plan was to put up a pool front, dog friendly resort, a small store where some of my artworks are to be displayed, rooms for visitors to stay the night and maybe two 2-storey buildings for us to chill. The store will be then called the “Honest Store” or the “Ideal Store” since the concept includes inviting guests to be at their honesty and pay whatever the cost of stay on their own. Meaning, the place will have less employees. Thinking about it I felt…well, that’s quite impossible to be HONEST. I don’t just simply trust people. When was that plan? That was a year ago and that plan slowly dimmed out of our sight. That was such a great plan that we put it on my note pad just so we could remember that stupid agreement. A plan again under the influence of alcohol.

Suddenly, what we wrote on my note pad, came true. Not quite exactly as planned but it goes something like this:

Two months ago, I have reunited with another friend from college. She had a business proposal to put up our very own restaurant. The reason why she chose me to her business partner I guess was because I was a dog lover and some mutual agreement. It was enough reason for us to be partners in business and with that I consider Lucy now as my lucky charm. Luckily, I have all the information that we need, the resources and probably the skills to finally put up this task – to make our very own restaurant! I am definitely feeling positive about this one so I instantly grabbed this opportunity and agreed to be a partner in this life changing endeavor.

Everyone, meet the WallBerry Restaurant and Bar!


I know this is going to be a great venture because we put our 200% effort to put up this restaurant and bar. I will discuss more about how we came up with the name and the meaning of the icons at the top of the brand in the future. Meanwhile, you can be updated through our Facebook Page here: Wallberry.

Apart from this venture, I also have another good news right after the Wallberry. A Pawfect thing to discuss especially if you are a dog lover. That would be soon!

This is going to be big.

Looking forward for a positive adventure…


2 thoughts on “The Ideal Store: How A Simple Note Became A Reality

  1. Oh wow! Running a business isn’t easy, but I’m sure if you persevere you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour. Good luck and all the best! 🙂

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