Pawsome Dog Cafe – The first dog cafe in Davao City

Pawsome 1

The concept for the Pawsome Dog Café was inspired by the famous Dog Café in Korea and other dog cafes around the world including Thailand which both partners Francine Marie and Cherry Maning have visited. They recently discovered an existing Dog Café in Manila which convinced them to finally open a place for dog lovers, for dog owners and of course for dogs just last January 2017. They realized then that this would be the first Dog Café in Davao City. Both of them are truly passionate dog lovers. During the bloggers pep-talk, Cherry said that his father once suggested that she should open a Dog Park in Davao City. I believe that will definitely happen soon and it will put smile of every dog parents in the city.

Cherry Manning mentioned she had numbers of dogs before and that includes an English bulldog, a Labrador, a St. Bernard and FIVE Pugs! She definitely is a dog lover! She hasn’t seen anyone or anybody who has this perseverance, this passion and the will to make a move to create a place for people to see and feel the love for dogs until Francine Marie tapped her and inspired her with this idea.

The theme for the Pawsome Dog Café was all about “happiness.” To put a smile to every person who will visit the café. Everything inside the café from the photos, the benches, the wall, the menu and basically every detail fit together to make all things look cool and easy. Who wouldn’t be happy if you see the dogs running around at the other side of the store? Well, I know someone, but of course he’d rather be not mentioned.

The Pawsome Dog Café is divided into two.

The Café which serves paw some dishes which are brought up and gone through a week of preparation of food tasting. The menu was simply made familiar for the customers like nachos for group servings, Bolognese pasta, sandwiches like ham and cheese, desserts such as shortcakes and their best seller the pup cakes- dog inspired cup cakes.  All of these are a must try! I grabbed some photos from Karla Misa since I am no food blogger. Thanks Karla Misa!



The Dog House which you can enter if you pay Php190.00 which comes with a free sealed drink. Your choices are milk tea, iced tea, café latte, cappuccino, café Americano, café mocha, café macchiato and green tea latte. The other choice is the Php220.00 drinks – Your choices are Frappuccino, salted caramel, hazel almond rock cup, cream cheese cup cake (it’s a drink), java chocolate, java caramel and your choice of any milkshakes. Every drink which will be brought to the Dog House must be sealed.

Pawsome Dog Café also offers set of meals for the dogs to have. They call it the power meal which costs around Php100.00.


These are the set of rules for the Dog Café

For the Café:

  1. You can bring your dogs. All dog breeds are welcome to the Pawsome Dog Café.
  2. Any sizes of dogs are welcomed.
  3. Bring your dog’s updated vaccination card. It’s really important for the safety of the customers, for the safety of the staff, for the safety of the dogs on the café and of course for the safety of the dogs itself. The café has trained staff to verify the validity of each vaccination health cards.
  4. Since the café is still small, the small dogs can go inside the café and the medium dogs has a dedicated space outside at the Al Fresco area. They are only allowed inside the café if in case the café is not fully occupied. For bigger dogs, they are suggested to be also at the Al Fresco.
  5. All dogs should be leashed when inside the dog café.
  6. Have your dogs wear diapers. If in case you do not have a diaper with you, the café offers cheap diapers for the dogs.
  7. It is encouraged for everyone to ask permission from other pet owners if they could pet their dogs for safety purposes.
  8. ONLY dogs are allowed at the Pawsome Dog Café.

For the Dog House:

  1. Only dogs of the Pawsome Dog Café are allowed inside the dog house. For the reason that the dogs are territorial.
  2. Sign the waiver upon paying the entrance fee to the dog café. You will only have one hour for you to mingle with the dogs on the Dog House.
  3. Socks are required upon entering the Dog House. If in case you don’t have a pair of socks with you, you can purchase a pair of socks from the cafe which costs Php20.00 only!
  4. Cameras are allowed inside the Dog House but please No flash photography!
  5. Sanitary footwear and a locker with a key will be provided for every visitor on the Dog Café for you to put your personal belongings. If in case you lose the key, you will have to pay for a replacement.
  6. Lifting of dogs isn’t allowed as it may stress them out. A staff is present inside the dog house to assist you like taking pictures.
  7. No horse playing with the dogs. I believe every person should modulate their voices inside the dog house.
  8. Sanitize before going in and after leaving the dog house.
  9. Only sealed drinks are allowed inside the Dog House.
  10. Don’t feed the dogs. Same goes to any animal places.
  11. Expectant mothers and children below 1 year old is not allowed inside the dog house.
  12. Toddlers should be guided during inside the dog house.
  13. If you are suffering from respiratory problems, it is also suggested that you should visit some other time.

Other than these, please do enjoy while staying at the Pawsome Dog Cafe. Dogs are somewhat therapeutic. I know some of my readers knew about that from my last year’s post about how my dog saved me from my wrath. These dogs deserve better and I cannot thank enough the people who dedicated their time and love for these animals. Some of the few wouldn’t understand that but it’s a dog lover thing you know!

IMG_9673 copy

Thank you Ms. Cherry Maning  and Ms. Francine Marie for inviting us and for finally giving us dog lovers a place to share the love for the dogs. This is another step forward for a pet friendly Davao! Next thing would be a DOG PARK!!!

Thanks Pawsome Dog Cafe!

Door 5 Autoville Bldg., F. Torres St.
Davao City 8000

Operating Hours:
10:00A.M. – 10:00PM Cafe
12:00N.N. – 8:00PM Dog House

Facebook:  Pawsome Dog Cafe @pawsomedogcafe
Instagram: @pawsomedogcafeph

Credits to the owner of the photo at the top of the blog.
Thanks to Ms. Karla Misa
Thanks to Team Davao Digital Influencers


BONUS Feature:

I was also present during the launching of Pawsome Dog Cafe. Surprisingly I was also interviewed.

You can watch the video  HERE . 


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