Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop


The last time I visited the Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop was I guess 9 months ago which I bought my first set of Sakura Koi Watercolor, some brushes and sketching tools. I’ve heard that they’ve opened a new shop months ago which is now really accessible to commute or for me just by walking from home. Seeing Ma’am Miyen three days ago reminds me that I needed to refresh my art materials. So I decided to pay the art gallery a visit.

This is the only shop in Davao City which offers art materials that aren’t normally distributed in any malls here in the city. They sell original artworks and offer premium art materials from advanced, intermediate and the most basic art tools which are a must need for art enthusiasts. Maybe if you visit the place, it will definitely turn you into your very own artist afterwards.

The owners are artists themselves, so relatively they know what every artists needs. What’s great about their new art gallery and shop is that they’ve added a space for artists who needs an area of tranquility to do some artworks! It was nice of Ma’am Miyen- the owner considering to put up a cozy cafe’ upstairs which enables you to sit down, relax, drink coffee, draw, sketch and create beautiful stuff as much as you wanted.


The cafe upstairs has some fair amount of books just in case you need some inspirations or ideas that you might want to consider to do some artworks. The cafe space may also be used to hold a workshop, a gathering, an art exhibit, an art session and other events since  its spacious enough to hold up to 15-20 persons (based on what I estimated). Their Self Serve Menu added a little trick to the whole set-up as they offer Tortilla Wraps such as cheese with Japaleno, ham and cheese, bacon spam and hash brown all ranges from Php18.00-Php45.00. But of course, coffee wouldn’t be absent for that and they are cheap too! Great!


Other than that, they’ve duplicated the sense of inspiration from their first shop in Marfori Heights. The same homey, warm and cozy feeling. Below are images of the art shop.


Looking for good art materials? Just go ahead and visit the Morning Light Art Gallery and Shop here:

Marfori Branch
Door 2, AFE Building
Ruby Corner Garnet Streets
Marfori Heights
Davao City 8000
Operating Hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Quirino Branch
Quirino Street
Beside Davao Doctor’s Hopital
Davao City
Operating Hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM

For more information, you can contact these details:

Phone Number: Highlights info row image82 2980152 and 82 2246885
Facebook Page Here:  Morning Light Art Gallery & Shop


Morning Light
“Serving the Art Community”


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