Sweet Sorrowful Sight

sweet sorrowful sight

Unfortunately I am still wide awake right now.

You know I feel like I disappointed my self that I have opened this blog into the public eye. I feel limited now on what to post. Since these deepest thoughts are vulnerable but real. You know I have thought of making my page private again but knowing I have a few readers who I sometimes considers their opinion based on what I posted. I owe some of the people who have read, understood and laid their two cents for me to weigh things in whatever issues I have in my mind.

Right now, my mind is garbage. My schedule is a trash and my dreams shattered. I don’t even know what I am writing right now. It must be because of this sleepy eyes.

Better keep up with sleep right now. Yes, I think sleeping will solve all of these things until morning tomorrow right?

I’ve got multiple hours to ignore this 1A.M. thought. Yes, I think I need to consider one A.M. thoughts since my mind is wide awake during this exact position of the clock.

I’ve started doing Adobe Illustrations lately and at first it makes me ill. The controls compared to Adobe Photoshop are totally different. The interactions and positions are unfamiliar. That is the reason why I had some troubles getting used to all the buttons and shortcuts. I do hope I can do more with it since I’ll be working as a graphic designer now.


Well, I found out three things to pursue my design business

1. Since I am now connected to a graphic design company, I was able to collect some ideas about the brand, the quality and the cost which suits my vision of what kind of T-shirt business that I will bring on the table. As of now, that’s going to be untold. But thanks to the employer, I now have a reason to learn again with design concepts.
2. I found a good sheet of sketch pad which suits my mood for painting. I have finished painting this:

This is cool since I have never painted a landscape before. This painting reminds me of the good day when me and my best friends went out on a vacation to Cebu. I couldn’t possibly easily to forget that so I painted it.
3. I have enough time to think now because of my new job. It provides me all the things that I should know about design, prints, production and everything in between.
I don’t think this these that I said is necessary but what the fuck.This is my page.LOL

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