Davao Pet Friendly City: Araw Ng Davao Celebration

Here in Lucky Sketch, we adore and love dogs so much, we try not to smell like one as much as we wanted to be since it’s really hard not to cuddle, hug and play along with these super treat-full dogs everyday.
Today our city celebrates its 80th year of being established. Thus, the Araw ng Davao exists. It is a vibrant feast, which means celebrating oneness of our multi cultural city. However, this time, the the Lucky Sketch Production joined the Davao Dog Lover’s Community as they participated at the feast parade- a Dog Parade to mash every thing in on the interest vial.
5:00 A.M. Although it seems that the rain isn’t cooperating, I am pretty sure that the event will push through. Although I am still at my bed by 6:30A.M. Lucky Sketchily, the rain decided to stop at 7:00 A.M. and left some of the streets a little muddy on the flat. Making some of the fur friends went from white to muddy white.
But that didn’t stop the dog enthusiasts. They made their way all through out the street around down town Davao to spread awareness and happiness to those who came to watch the parade. It was such a success, that you can see all the dogs got tired and happily dirty. Well, as what they say, a tired dog is a happy dog

Thank you to the Davao Dog Lover’s Community for allowing us to join the event and take these lovely photos that we took during the parade. Thank you to the D.D.L.C. admins and members for stepping up and making a difference for a better city. A pet-friendly city that is!
Happy Araw ng Davao everyone!

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