Travel Way Overload


Things get better when the sun kicks in. Also, things get fired up when you decide to move out from your ordinary. This isn’t ordinary for me! This is such an unusual feat for me now not to post drawing and other illustration related stuff here on my site. Shall this be considered as my moving forward subject now or no?

As you can see, I took part of the Davao Digital Influencers’ summer travel get away to be on an island tour at the Island Garden City of Samal together with who hosted the event – my gratitude to sir Kaiser for bringing us up to this gathering. The day tour was as perfect as a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of island tour. All you need to do is just hop in, relax, have fun with the people you are with, enjoy the food and appreciate nature at its best while will take care of the rest.

You know, we had a formation at Sta. Ana Port, Davao City at 8:00 A.M. and left at 9:00A.M. I really have no clue as to the number of stops that we ought to have but I didn’t worry about that since seeing closely as to where we were heading I know it would be just fine. The first stop was actually just a part of Samal (sorry I wasn’t paying attention to wherever we are) with probably a depth of 50ft. My eyes are blurry but my thoughts are confident that the depth that I measured was correct. A good spot to dive in and feel the warmth slash coolness of the ocean. The second stop, the best stop perhaps, was at the Talicud island. Never have I thought and never have I planned to be there but it was the perfect reach of day. The third stop was at the wishing island which at this moment, I wished that I should have wished when I was at the Wishing Island. I wished that I took more photos when I was there too! See? This is the reason why I decided to go out from just doing some sketches. I have traveled far but I suck at taking photos. But I’ll stick to drawing…
Well, If I haven’t been involved with Davao Digital Influencers blogging community,  I wouldn’t be able to meet people who share the same interests as me – blogging that is. Which made the whole trip extra fun and interesting. I mean, it was just like a camouflage. I also have to admit that this was my first time to be on a trip where you can do stop overs on islands at request. Travels can be customized according to your will with wayph travel and that includes the menu too! You can check them out to see their tour packages around the Philippines here: WayPh Island Tour Packages.

This day was definitely a cure from my recent urban trip in Manila. Girls calls this as Vitamin Sea. I just call it a dip in the salt. Heals all the bad fluids inside me and wards off negative spirits too! Sand, fish, seafood, half spelunking, wobbly boat ride, laughter, diving in warm water, attempted wall climbing, hearing the whisper of the wind…such a great treat! Next trip is maybe in the Oriental?

Shall we go for it?



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