Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Manila


Hi guys! Just arrived from my 5 day trip to Manila City. The last time I visited the place was 5 years ago. I can only notice a little change from the last time I visited and that includes the unimproved or yet the most exhausting traffic in the country. I went there with my Mom which made the whole trip really memorable since it’s her first time to travel outside our city. My sister is also with us, my uncle, my best friend, my two co-work mates, and my two friends. Why did we end up traveling together? Well, we just attended a seminar, that’s all. Of course, we couldn’t miss that since my family runs a business center in Davao City. Aside from the seminar, everything else was spent with roaming around the city. I was really happy seeing my mother having fun during the travel. It was such a great experience.

Do not compare Manila City to any city around the Philippines because that’s what Manila is for. It’s unique. Uniquely weird and uncomfortable.


I know this isn’t the first time that someone did a list of things not to do in Manila but I guess, this will add up to the date since this experience is freshest idea right at this minute.

What are the thing that you should avoid doing when you are in Manila? Read below you guys!

Number 10.
Don’t wear your back pack at your back.

As usual, Manila is such a crowded place and that my mother noticed that the people who walks around the city wears their back pack at the front. I told her that the people there aren’t feeling secured wearing their back packs at their back because of the snatchers and all. But I’ve heard from a local that the numbers of thieves have dropped since Mr. Rodrigo R. Duterte sat at the presidency. I noticed it’s still limited.

Number 9.
Don’t Use The Bus

If you are planning to ride a bus between 3-6PM instead of the train, then get ready to be pissed off. Yes, the queue at the train station is really long but you will only suffer for that moment, you will have the luxury of time after that. But if you want to ride a vehicle in an instant, you have all the buses that you need but then again, if you are lucky, you can be seated and wait for the long 3 hour traffic if you are on EDSA. Don’t use the bus.

Number 8.
Don’t forget your face mask.

75% of the places in Manila has a unique smell and 80% of that stinks. So if you are like me who has a very weak tolerance of smell, do not forget to wear a face mask. You can also avoid smokers if you aren’t a smoker too.

Number 7.
Do not pay with big bills.

If you commute, paying exact is a must. It saves you time and energy and it can also save your life from arguing dumb taxi drivers who won’t give you your change. Always carry loose change.

Number 6.
Do not use your phone on public places

You’re giving thieves enough reason for them to go thieving. Of course if you are in Makati, or any places similar to that then you can flash your phones without worrying. But if you are in central Manila, then carrying and using your phone isn’t a good idea.

Number 5.
Do not use Kalesa (horse carriages)

If you don’t want to get lost in time and lose track of how many minutes you have been riding the carriages then don’t fucking ride the KALESA. It costs so much that the coachman will try to divert your attention so your bill will go high AF.

Number 4.
Don’t Wear Skirts

It will only limit your movements to roam around the city. You cannot jump at isles, you cannot jump at buses, you cannot squat on the grass at the park. Just don’t wear skirts especially if you are a man okay?

Number 3.
Don’t get mad at drivers

It will definitely kill you. If you get pissed off with your taxi driver for example, chances are they will revenge and probably call out the attention of other drivers and will piss you off even more. But of course, that wouldn’t happen because we should practice how to relax.

Number 2.
Don’t take traveling for granted

If you are on schedule at 5pm, then you should start traveling two hours ahead of time since Manila has the worst traffic in the country.

Number 1.
Don’t Compare Manila To Any City

Because that’s what makes Manila unique. There are good places in Manila like the historical Manila and it stays as breathtaking as it was then and now but all I hope is that people should take care of these sights so people will still feel and know what Manila is all about.

Manila is one of the melting pot for the Philippine history. I am hopeful that these historical architects maybe preserved so that the grand sons and daughters of my grandsons and daughters will have these facades to appreciate in flesh in the future.


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