Classio Mobile Pizza


So, Amihan and Akiru decided to have some Pizza this evening and Amihan suggested we should try Classio Pizza. It’s in J.P. Laurel avenue near Robinson’s Residence which is right across CitiHardware and Caltex Gas Station. Classio Pizza is the first Pizza mobile wood fired oven in Davao City and it has been operating for almost three years now. Why the heck did we just discovered this place just now? This idea of a business is really a success since considering that the place is owned not rented.

Their pizzas are affordable, easily served and the place is convenient. You can just hop out of your car and order straight away. You know what made our dining even better? Beers you guys! With beer, it tastes even better. Solves your maekju + picha cravings.

It has a bit of a homage feels eating it and what makes it unique is that their baking it on real fire! Am I supposed to say this? The pizzas has a natural toast and burning sensation. Amihan says it’s supposed to be eaten right away fresh from the oven. Not so sure if that’s really important since I’ve seen some customers ordered take outs.

What I like about is their ketchup. I don’t know if it’s just Heinz or DelMonte but it made me curious. I’m really sorry but for me, that’s what made the pizza EVEN more remarkable. It tastes like the traditional Filipino spaghetti which I am a big fan of. Hey, for the price of 180.00 Php you can have a full plate of serving. We only tried pepperoni pizza as we weren’t really planning to eat that much. But you can choose from their humble menu here:


See how affordable their pizzas are?

For more information about Classio Mobile Wood Fired Oven, you can visit their official Facebook page here: Classio Mobile Wood Fired Oven

It was a great experience since Amihan and I had an opportunity to figure out what we are going to do with what Zenia left us to figure out. Or whatever.


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