Responsibilities At Stake

It has been a week now since I decided to quit my day job. I didn’t feel any regrets leaving my 2 year job seriously. It was more like leaving a piece of bread on the table and let it be eaten by ants. I was really happy that I finally got the courage to leave the company. It has been really a baggage for me trying to wake up and push myself to reach the office before seven in the morning. It’s really dragging and the worst part is that the job made me bored maybe that’s the reason why I wasn’t enthusiastic anymore. If it weren’t for my work mates, it would have been hell everyday. I also feel relieved knowing that I wouldn’t have to deal with bosses anymore. I’m done working with bosses. That’s why I am dedicating my time with our family business.

This time, I am feeling really relaxed knowing I could do all the things that I wanted. As of this moment, it’s already three in the morning, and knowing it would be Monday tomorrow, I feel less pressure because i won’t wake up early to be stuck on the Monday morning traffic jam – although I only walk to office.

I have no idea what will I do with what Zenia left me. My thought is that I must take care of the trust that he has given me since I don’t have plans in disappointing him or anyone in particular.

Zenia says I should just do it and study any possible businesses we could venture. I really need Amihan’s help during the whole duration of Zenia’s sail away trip since thinking alone would make me feel ill.

“Do not let anyone know about your next move.”

It seems like I’ve been telling a couple of people about my plans and the more I tell people about it, the more my plans won’t happen. I’ve read a phrase from Sun Tzu and it says “Never let your enemies know what you are doing. You should always have the elements of surprise.” I think this is appropriate for me now. Come to think of, I have written something about my plans here on my blog. What a bummer.

Anyway, the entire days since I have left the company that I used to work has been all about sleeping, cleaning my room, arranging stuffs, spending more time with my dog. Trying to locate the ship which Zenia is riding, calling Amihan to go dinner with me and maybe hang out.

You know what? I miss getting drunk. I missed drinking.

“Just do it.”


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