Get To Know Them

Tadaaaan! Finally I was able to fix  these characters using Photoshop! Have I mentioned to you guys that I have been drawing my digital arts using only my iPhone? Yeah, quite a news. I have been dealing with these characters for quite some time now and this time, I hope I could make them as clean as I can.

Akiru Wuchen is extracted from me. He has been dwelling on my mind for so long now and I guess they now need to be exposed. The other two characters are my two best friends. I am a fan of trilogy and the Naruto team. The reason why I only have three characters.


Zenia Yevgeni – The name was extracted from my best friend. I forgot the reason why this name was used. I know the name was Russian and other than that, I guess it was used on his online game.


Amihan Ross – my girl best friend. Since she’s an environmentalist, she chose the name Amihan. A Filipino word for Breeze and Ross is extracted from Rose which is from her name “Rosebe.”



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