Our Graphic Novel Has Some Issues


Well whaddya know? I just found out that our graphic novel has the same idea with Marvel’s Infinity Stones. It’s basically all 6 immensely powerful stones from the galaxy which is created by the Cosmic Entities. Each stones has its unique capabilities that has been developed by some of the extra terrestrial beings throughout the millennia.

The Infinity Stones has been mentioned in movies which we are all familiar with such as The Mighty Thor, Captain America and the latest Marvel Movie release Dr. Strange.

My co-writer was pissed off knowing that his idea existed years ago. I actually believed that there are thousands of duplicate  story lines with the same concept as ours out there. It’s not a surprise for me. The way I can positively see it is that we just have to copy the concept but rockin’ nail it with trillions of twists because that’s how good stories are made up these days. You are embedded with the usual plot but then you’ll be surprised how they made up a huge twist at the end. That’s how Cinderella Stories are made. They made extra lost and found shoes and maybe put a silver fork on the other pair. Well, the possibilities are endless.

Sure way to start my year. As I was about to put into my schedule the stitching and editing of our story line.




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