This Is Thanksgiving


My life now is slowly turning out to be so good. I am really thankful for the people who played a role in my life during the whole duration of 2016. I couldn’t believe I survived. This is my opportunity to thank the people who helped me cope up with my life. Without these people, there wouldn’t me doing this very long article.

First of all, I have to thank Sharesource BPO Australia and my work mates especially to Anna Fatima- she’s way older than me but she looks definitely awesome young. I thank her for the comfort and for being the good person that she is. Frisian, who made me smile all year round without her I couldn’t possibly have a reason to laugh. I think she doesn’t know about this but she helped me with my year. Gabriel, thank you man! I thanked you earlier but really I am very thankful for many reasons I could not count. Thank you for keeping up with me.

To SV, I have to thank you. You came in late but your appearance definitely put an impact with the way I dealt with my life now. But I am not sure what that is. I think we’ll build a better relationship next year as our very own kennel is coming to reality. Still, I thank you.

My family, of course. Especially to my sister who definitely understood MORE than anybody else in this world. I am so proud of her. Our youngest brother and his girlfriend – they took care of me when I was so sick with my life.  To Shaira, my cousin. I love her so much. Jenny my sister-in-law, who always keeps in touch with me so that I could catch up with my son’s whereabouts. To Jungsik Choo, my Korean brother. He’s a gift from God. Without him, our family will still be in despair. But I think my sister really did a great job in fulfilling our dreams, really. To my mother, of course. My unlimited gratitude for everything.

Atomy also played a really big part with my life. It’s still an infant but I can clearly see the difference with the way our family live our lives now compared before. I think I could be a speaker up front for this testimony.

I have to thank Jakiel too for constantly reminding me that I need to pull myself up and be strong. The best supporting actress goes to Rosebe. She definitely, constantly, exceptionally is with me all throughout the year. Always there trying to understand my insanity and still remained with me albeit how I acted stupid with my life. You are my long lost sister. I couldn’t done it without you. You could be my wife you know that but of course I wouldn’t fit in with your standard- whatever that is. To Geno, thanks man! If I were to be married again with my wife, you could be the  best man. I have told you, you were like my brother. Thanks for sticking up with me. Thanks for tolerating me as I tolerate you. But clearly you have to thank me for saving your ass this year. Well, honestly, it was symbiotic. Thank you so much you three for being there. For the inspirations and life lessons.

Last but the least, thanks to Lucy. You are my Angel.

Yes, 2016 turned out pretty well for me. At least before the year ends I can finally put a smile on my face because I am really satisfied how it turned out to be.

If you want to read my full article about my year end report, please click here and use “meeklucy” as the password.

Thanks for the effort of reading me.

Happy New Year 2017 everyone!


3 thoughts on “This Is Thanksgiving

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