SOS Children’s Village: Literary Folio


Finally, the SOS Children’s Village Literary Folio came out two days ago featuring a chapter full of my illustrations. I really wasn’t expecting that this would turn out better than I expected as I felt I wasn’t able to give my 100% effort for this one because I was so busy with my day job. This literary folio is a collection of short stories, poems, artworks and life stories from the children who grew up with the SOS Children’s Village and from those who played a part with its growth.


SOS Children’s Village Davao was first established with fourteen family houses on September 12, 1981. At the same year, the Hermann Gmeiner Social Center was established for the present Family Strengthening Programmes for the children in the surrounding communities who are at risk of losing family-care, and the SOS Kindergarten program for pre-school children belonging to poor families.

1985, Professor Hermann Gmeiner School of Davao in Bajada was established. It is operated and managed by Holy Cross Of Davao College providing Elementary education to children within the community.

At present SOS Children’s Village Davao, along with all the SOS Children’s Village around the globe still provides a loving home for every child in need.

I was really lucky enough to share my talent with them and translate these kids wonderful literary compositions with my art. “HOME” the official publication of SOS Children’s Village Davao is a channel for the kids’ enthusiasm with art to come into reality.




For more information about SOS Children’s Village Davao and how you can help the cause, just visit their web page at


Thank you to Mr. Leonilo “Daddy Bem” Rivero – village director, Rosebe Hilot, Marianne May Loquias and the kids who made this literary folio possible.



SOS Children’s Village Davao Inc.
SOS Drive, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Tel. No. (082) 226-3710 / 221-0097


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