Travel Bantayan Island


This probably is the most memorable travel I did so far.

October 30, 2016. It rained so hard that my taxi driver couldn’t go as fast as it needs to be to catch up my flight which will be an hour and I got stuck in this knee-high flood on my way to the airport. I still had this last minute doubt that this travel won’t be possible since this crazy friend texted me he’s still at his house packing things up and we were on the same flight. So, I said to myself “hey, so what? I’m down traveling alone.” But then, I saw my friend showed up at the airport and that was the beginning of this crazy adventure. At first, I was in an emotion of traveling alone just so I could weigh things and come back home renewed. But of course, that was not possible at this point because I won’t be alone. Polaroid Picture Frame:

October 30, 2016. We arrived at Mactan International Airport all confused on what to do next. Since the plans have been a blur, we decided to take a quick hike from the airport all the way to Mactan Bridge just so we could think of another plan on how to spend the night waiting for our two friends to reach Cebu City. After almost two hours of walking plus random jeep rides, we ended up having a drink at a pub in Mango Avenue. We also had a couple of drinks after that outside the IT park which is probably a taxi away from the what I thought the red light district of the city. We decided to take another walk around nowhere at the most dangerous peak of the hour. My best friend and I spent the evening (drunk) sleeping at the SM City Cebu’s green landscapes with our travel bags caring nothing but to sleep. It doesn’t look like we got wasted during the night since we were carrying our travel bags. So we just looked like some two crazy tired travelers waiting for the bus ride.

October 31, 2016. 10:00A.M. Traveling to Bantayan really is our sure destination even if it needs more time to reach. My best friend-Rosebe had three lead ways to spend our adventure trip. One was in Kawasan Falls, the other was in Oslob and the third is Bantayan Island, which none of us has ever reached. I was feeling a little uneasy during this day since I felt I woke up in the middle of the desert. The only thing that I wanted to do is go out there and hit the beach. We figured we need to assemble at SM City Cebu but long before that, we’ve waited for three hours for the two other friends who are on their way to meet us traveling from Manila and Davao. I told you we were these crazy.

To reach Bantayan Island, you must take a bus ride from Cebu North Bus Terminal and take either of these one-stop routes: Bogo, Hagnaya and Bantayan Island of which is served by Ceres Bus. It will take you 4 hours of travel by land and 1 1/2 hour travel by sea.

Bantayan Island Bus Schedules:

1st Trip – 12:05am (4am Shuttle ferry from Hagnaya to Sta. Fe)
2nd Trip – 3:30am (7am Shuttle ferry from Hagnaya to Sta. Fe)
3rd Trip – 10am (2:30pm Shuttle ferry from Hagnaya to Sta. Fe)
4th Trip – 12:30pm (4:30pm Shuttle ferry from Hagnaya to Sta. Fe)

We caught up with the 4th trip to Hagnaya Port – the last trip. It will cost you around P160.00 for air-conditioned buses and around P135.00 for the non-airconditioned ones. As soon as you reach Hagnaya Port, you have to take a ferry ride from there to Sante Fe which is the port municipality of Bantayan Island. The ferry ride is about an hour and a half trip and it will cost you around P170.00 for the ride and P10.00 for terminal fee. Since we do not have any bookings for our trip to the island, we were like chasing sunset just so we can have a clear view of the resort to spend the night with.


October 31, 2016. 7:00P.M. A bit tired from all the traveling we nestled into Budyong Resort, it’s around 3kms away from Santa Fe port. It’s the second best resort that we checked into since the first one is a bit expensive. It may cost you around Php500.00 / head to stay a night in Santa Fe. A good deal for a beach-front overnight stay. There are also backpack rooms rates around town which may cost you P200.00 / head.

Santa Fe is a very humble municipality with locals settled easily as they were fixed with their businesses that cater hospitality to the visitors. We decided to have our dinner outside the resort to save money and also to discover more about the place. The foods are seriously cheap but with a good serving. After the dinner, we went back to the resort to enjoy the night.


November 01, 2016. 4:30A.M. I woke up so early that I had enough time to sit on the folding sand chair to reflect. As I sat there I awkwardly wrote this:

Mind so clear, water moves silently and carelessly on the shore. Raindrops slowly, early morning is just as cold as I wanted it to be. Sand on my feet, this little hut protected me. The wind purest of them all. I just wanted to be right here right now. I needed this. If this is the escape I wished long before- I have achieved it. Now that I am here, I think I don’t deserve this.
Rain starts to fall. I can hear the sound of the water and the calming rain. This is my therapy.
 The day slowly comes in as darkness turns into light,
 This horizon, this wide ocean in front of me is overwhelming.
 I need to take this chance of silence.
 Think of nothing but this moment.
 Think nothing but… 

November 01, 2016. 7:00A.M. One of the tourist attractions in visiting Bantayan Island is that you can rent bicycles and motorcycles/scooters to help you roam around the area for a very cheap price. Some of the locals there offer these services as long you provide a valid I.D. together with the rent fee of course. The people there are very kind and humble. It’s not that hard to feel attached to the place especially when you get to stroll around and meet and talk to the people. You can basically circulate the island on bikes if you’ve got good stamina along with the pleasure of an adventure.

Polaroid Picture Frame: edited with
If you’re a get-go traveler, considering Bantayan Island is one of the best decision you’ll ever make. Before I even visited the place, I marked my expectation low so I wouldn’t be disappointed. But then again, when I saw how crazy, beautiful this place is, I said this could be the next best thing to Boracay.


To sum up our travel, I created a montage using only iPhone 4s and Quik App here.

Thank you for reading this post! I don’t have a potato, but I do have good memories to share!


8 thoughts on “Travel Bantayan Island

  1. hahah! Actually 3 places plan namin. Kawasan, Oslob and Bantayan. Naisip namin sa Bantayan kasi lahat kami yun lang ang common na place na hindi pa namin na visit. Grabe! Swerte mo! Nice yung town mo. Ang ganda ng beach. Libre ang dagat. T_T


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