Travel Cebu City: What To Bring

I’ll begin my journey with three of my friends to wherever our feet will take us in a matter of hours. I’m still sitting here at our office trying to figure out what to do in Cebu. As of this moment, I feel like I wanted to get lost and go places which I have never thought of reaching. I packed light for this trip along with my favorite stuffs of course. So, for now, I will share to you guys the things that I always cannot forget to carry when traveling.


  1. Sketch pad – I wouldn’t be Lucky Sketch if I don’t go sketching everywhere I guess. It’s really fine for me to leave my phone at home but never this one.
  2. Pencil, Pen and Stylus- These sticks are my friends and they keep me busy.
  3.  Sakura Koi Watercolor – Because I don’t know when will my inspirations kicks in.
  4. Nikon Camera – I’m not really a photography fan but I think it looks good as if it was just an accessory or something.
  5. iPad – Because I don’t have a laptop and it has almost everything I need.
  6. Gadget Chargers- I think it’s too obvious.
  7. Shades – For sober and weary days, it fits in and hides away everything.
  8. Earphones – Music is everything. Without it, travel would be meh.
  9. iPhone – I takes pictures with it more than a real camera. It’s in my pocket.
  10. Good book – You can never go wrong carrying one especially for waiting in vain.
  11. Clothes – Of course you dope! Why Wouldn’t I bring these?
  12. Vitamins – I actually don’t take tablets but more on immune boosters like Hemo Him, a Korean Food Supplement.
  13. Cash, Cards, I.D.s – You all need to be identified.
  14. Toothbrush, Toothpaste and all those stuff – because I can’t go out without using them.

Other than these well, it’s a matter of what I can remember to bring, but of course, I believe in packing light so just in case if zombie apocalypse is gonna happen then I can run go a mile.

Well, not much to write in here, just waiting for my flight. Anyway, what should we do on this long weekend away from home?


2 thoughts on “Travel Cebu City: What To Bring

  1. Cool. for me, silver earrings with a tiny bell. I sleep in them. It adds a pinch of class on a dusty stretch. And travel companions hear me and know I haven’t been carted off somewhere.

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