Travel Get Lost

What a crazy idea this is. Whoever says “If it scares you and it excites you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try” really hit my bones. I definitely agree with it.

Rosebe, Geno and I had a drink last October 15, 2016, at a pub near our house one Saturday evening. It was actually just a normal conversation until we had this stupid and maybe a crazy idea to go and get lost in Cebu City. Of course, since we had  a couple of drinks and we were getting a little bit of the ranch, we agreed to that plan and we even signed it on the little notebook which I carry around all the time. I wrote “ADTO TAG CEBU” which means ‘Let’s go to Cebu.’ It’s already a crazy idea, to begin with since it was initially Rosebe’s and Sv’s (my good friend) plan to go and get lost anywhere. So I said, “you know what, let’s go and get lost!”

As you can see, the evidence is so real. The next day, after I was being reminded of our crazy plan and an unplanned agreement, I was 50% hesitant, 40% excited and 10% thinking about my budget. Why was this possible? I had a free mile round trip ticket in any parts of the Philippines. I received this from a commissioned work a month ago. Also, I used my dormant credit card to book another flight for a friend without ever thinking about how to pay that after the trip. That’s why it’s crazy. But I feel really good about it, so what the heck!

What’s next? Well, expect some update with our travel which is still a blur as of this moment. Also, I decided to finally include real photographs of whatever pictures there is to post.


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