Our Graphic Novel: Coming Up


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new page on this site. It’s our very own graphic novel entitled “Infinite Stones Of Astral” written by my best friend and ehem, me. We are also planning to collaborate with sir SV Merlas, PhD to make everything legit.

The original text was written in Tagalog-Cebuano and translated in English afterward. The initial concept was supposed to be a raw comics, but then again, our equipment isn’t ready yet so we decided to furnish first a synopsis of events of the story before creating the manga series.

I know I remembered I wrote something in here about how dreadful it was for me to start my own novel since I honestly don’t have an idea what to write but now that I found the missing noodles, all thanks to my good friend, I will consider this as a fulfillment of my, or I probably should say “our dreams.”

The concept of this novel is action, fantasy and love story with a little dash of comedy. The story circles around Astral’s discovery over his extra-terrestrial capabilities with the help of his best friend Zerky (not his final name). There are also characters which we are very proud of introducing. Some of them were created under the influence of alcohol which is good. Below are some of the characters which we created last week.


I cannot remember these guys names and also the one’s below these sketches


the left character somewhat has an evil character but he’s of course a hero not a villain. We decided to create a girl character just so there is a girl.


And this one is like a Freeza kind of a character and a dragon which the lead character uses as a transportation.

I’m so sorry they looked so messy. Let me remind you, we were drunk creating these characters. Well, that’s the earliest progress that we did and I hope you guys will go and check out our novel here.


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