The Sketch That Changed My Life


It’s a reluctant feeling to be able to write on a paper. I don’t know why it has this satisfying sensation even if it takes a bit more effort in writing with a pen rather than striking keys, it’s more fulfilling to see your penmanship for real accompanied with an ink scent – music to my ears. It’s also best if you use a perfect paper for your write ups. Good thing I discovered a perfect journal to put my ideas in one place.

I discovered Victoria’s Journals last June 2016 and since then, it has inspired me to keep on writing and sketching. I’ve had a lot of sketch-journal notebooks in the past but residing with VJ has completely fixed my writing set up. VJ creates journals and notebooks for all those people who love writing. WRITING is today’s currency for good Ideas, so as long as you love writing- this is the beginning of a great friendship! – Victoria’s Journals.  In my case, I was addicted to sketching and writing at the same.


I had an awesome exchange of ideas last night with a friend and it was all good. We had a huge plan trying to formulate a comic story about a boy who was sent to Earth for a mission which I am still not sure of since the whole thing is still cooking. We’re trying to make it away from the stereotypical story line which basically means every now and then, the plot has been either reversed or written in accident. But of course I won’t promise we will be able to finish it as soon as possible.

As we were having the brainstorming, I flipped onto this page of the VJ which I sketched last night. This was just a recall from a sketch which I did 14 years ago which was supposed to be a present to someone’s crush which I cannot explain any further. The thing is that, the whole drawing means everything to him that he still remembers all the details from that sketch up until today. Nobody really knew the real meaning why I was able to draw the saddest sketch in my entire life- A girl standing next to the street lamp, holding on to an umbrella under a drizzling evening rain. For him, it was everything. For me it was just one thing. it was that fucking bitch who left me for that one ugly fucking old guy. Haha!



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