Girls’ Relationship Goals


Sincerely, I have nothing to do with this kind of idea. I opted to create this skit since I have a feminist best friend who often shares Facebook statuses about women empowerment, engaging women’s rights and all those kinds of stuffs. I truly respect that and support it. However, my other friend, whom I consider now as my best friend too- shared his intimate note about a girl’s preferences in searching for the love of their life. This is so true (well as far as I am concerned) and I agreed with it with a jest. He was sharing this too old crumpled paper on messenger one day and I ignored it since the scribbling is impossible to read and I’m too bored to care.


They make us boys cry. But you know, we love them, we hate them, we cuddle with them. They are from Venus men are from Mars kind of thing. Those stuff, bitterness, sweet, soury, icky-ticky wicky feelings.

Girls’ ideals in relationships changes according to maturity. This is what my friend thought when he was dealing with it years ago. So to help him with his thoughts, I’ve decided to illustrate them and made titles according to each type.

The Disney Princess

Ages 16-20 years old.

If you’re a girl and you are reading this, you’ve probably went into a deep thought thinking you would wake up and Mr. Prince Charming comes rushing in at your doorsteps asking you to fit in a glass shoe, or whatever. Their type of boys probably only exists in melodies of tomorrow. In other words, it does not exists, well if it does, then it’s a long way to tread. You know when you’re sixteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’ll gonna believe them says Taylor S.


The Lady And The Tramp

Ages 20-25 years old.

This is the time of their lives where they go chick flick relationship goals. You know, guys at this age, are either looking for someone to hook up with or preparing for their career up ahead. But most definitely boys at this age are looking for sex. Not for girls. They seem to look for someone handsome. A little less the prince charming type. More like of the bad boy kind of person because at this stage, girls wanted to have a boyfriend which she thought she could change his life. But of course, she is wrong. So she thinks she needs a more mature kind of guy.


Spirited Girl Away

Ages 25-30 years old.

Since she was so busy trying to search for her prince charming or her ideal boy, she forgets to build her hut and found out she could just flaunt her assets as easy as opening a box of shoes. So she decided to leech. She suddenly disregarded her standards and stick to the wealthy, whoever that is kind of man. Girls who seek for the financially stable regardless of their looks.


Finding Nemo

Ages 30-35 years old

She got busy dealing with relationship goals that all the good boys went into hiding. None of them left except for those who are looking only for someone to be as a companion. She’ll accept whoever will come to her and probably marry that person.

Well, sorry. That’s all it.


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