Discovering Your Style


Illustration by Geno Adolfo

“Without art, my hands and brain are full of useless thoughts.”
-Zenia Yevgeni

It’s really difficult for me to identify an artwork whether if it looks terrible or not especially if I dig in deeper the thoughts of why the artwork was made in the first place. You see, I kind of appreciate every inch of an artwork. It’s not about how the image really looks like, but it’s about the reason behind the artwork, the story of why it was made to begin with, the struggle of making it, the passion to pull it through and the wisdom to finish the masterpiece. That’s what I am most appreciative of. If the sole intention is to let people think that you are good at this, then that’s not the kind of art that I respect. The art which I definitely am proud of is the art of TELLING. The art of LEARNING and the art of FEELING. Telling yourself that you could do better next time. Telling stories; the good and the bad ones. It’s the feeling that you know while you are doing it and still feel free about it because you accepted yourself for whatever the result of the masterpieces may come. Embrace yourself amidst all the negatives, check what is wrong and then reverse it. With that, learning comes in and you’ll end up being better than ever before.

It’s really difficult for me to tell an artwork that looks ugly. Every artwork has its story and that is the most important thing in this world. That specific feeling that artists feels. That’s what makes us human. We are capable of emotions. So I appreciate it and will always say that these artworks looks really good, even if it’s just a stick.

Even with just drawing a stick, if you let yourself loose, and you will not consider anyone’s opinion about your artwork, then you have discovered your own style. The feeling of the others about your artwork is not your issue to tell. It’s their feelings and observations and you are most definitely not responsible for that. Of course, that’s too broad to consider and reflect. I started believing in myself with the kind of crafts that I am doing a few years back and then I realized how unique and incomparable my senses are. I kept repeating it and the people who sees it regularly started to trust and believe in my style as I also believed and trusted myself  while unconsciously I developed my own style.

This spontaneity is rough.

So I have to wrap up this post.

You know what’s the bravest step and the most sweetest act when it comes to creating an artwork? It’s when the time you’ll dedicate it to the one you love.


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