Lucky Sketch Comics: Race To 500th

I don’t know why this has to be such of a big deal, but once you put all the works in it, even the slightest change can be noticed.
This is a big deal since this was all according to my plan and reaching this kind of milestone, for an unfamous person like me can be considered a bragging rights! Anyway, you know what? I should stop using the word ‘anyway.’ Anyway, it’s not important. What’s important is that the Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. team was featured on a local newspaper. Now that’s good news! 

The bad news is that during the photoshoot I was hesitant to be part of any kind of photographs. Why? Because since the beginning of Lucky Sketch, I made myself – as far as I can remember, almost hidden from any kind of publication. I usually blurr out my name and then attributed it to a false character named Akiru. I believe in the ingredient called ‘mystery’ and so much for that it was such a failure, for seeing I’ve linked my twitter here with my name all over the page. Epic fail mystery 101. 

Meanwhile, before all these thoughts of reaching 500 likes on Facebook page, I had a somewhat eash go happy weekend compared to my previous weekends. This time, I spent 60% of it at our family business office. I felt like I was doing something important for my future and being present there means I am in control of what is ahead of me. Yes, if you had a glimpse of me at our family business office, you would think I look like a slave. It’s okay, I am 100% sure that wherever this may leads me, it’ll be as good as I thought. I just want everybody to know that I am not doing this for the others but I am doing this for myself and for my family. 

Well, apart from that. Seeing Lucy, my bestfriend’s Siberian Husky, gaining some weight, I feel reluctant and proud. She’s beginning to become more healthy than before. I’m still looking forward to train her with obedience and heeling with the help of my elder sister’s friend, who happens to be a well trained dog whisperer ( they probably won’t know about this jest anyway) who owns Lia, the sweet, humbled Golden Retriever. 

So, to wrap things up, I am looking forward for my Facebook Page milestone. Damn it! There’s so much things to think about! How will I ever fix these? 

Thanks for hanging around! 


9 thoughts on “Lucky Sketch Comics: Race To 500th

  1. I speak Bisaya, it’s a dialect which you probably never heard of. But you know, our president also speaks Bisaya. He’s the first ever in our history. I only speak Tagalog once needed or probably once I am with tagalog speakers. It’s a bit tricky you know… Hahah!

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  2. Yes, i had my 500th like an hour ago. Do I need to say THANK YOU to all followers? Yes of course! Thank you virtual friend! Hahaha… BTW, your cat looks so sweet! And your pinoy rap is exceptional. Hahaha

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  3. Congrats on 500 likes! Oh believe me, it’s easy to find someone on the Net no matter how hard you try to remain anonymous, how do you think I found your Instagram? Okay that came off sounding like a stalker. Byeee

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