Random Thoughts: Earth Ocean Sky


It’s overwhelmingly late in the evening and my thoughts are like water being gargled out of a gargoyle’s mouth.

Time: 2:15 A.M.
Random thoughts begins after this sentence.

I think art is supposed to be based on common sense, we just don’t know that what we are doing is actually art itself. You know, the art of letting go. The art of ignorance. The art of starting a conversation with an awkward seatmate. The art of trying to please everyone so they won’t think that you are actually an asshole. There are so many kinds of arts in this world and the only form of art which has been bothering me for quite some time now is the art of drawing and the values that aren’t mention along the way.

This is the part where I put again my thoughts into vulnerability. I’ve heard recently about people who identify themselves as bloggers and posing in front of the cameras with the hashtag blogger in it. Do these people know what blogging or writing in general is about? For them they consider it as a one of a kind hobby. A hobby which they can brag about doing and the like. Some of them think if you’ve got a blog, then you are original, you are unique, you are doing something important with your life. It makes you different – then of course it really does! But for me, this is a curse which I happened to thought of not having so that I would not stay up late at night trying to think what to write next on my blog entry. This is somewhat like my drug addiction. I couldn’t stop doing it especially now that people recognized me as a blogger – which I initially planned to be censored or secret. Well. not anymore. I just want to sleep and don’t bother writing. But I can’t. I can’t handle this. I have this urge to do it no matter how drowsy I may be. No matter how late in the evening it is. No matter how early I should wake up in the morning for work.

Anyway, so much has been said that my main purpose for this entry is to tell the world about these two friends. I know I’ve mentioned it here somewhere about Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol’s mutual inspiration process. Just like them, I know I inspire two humans with my passion of art and in return, I get to be inspired too. I was never good in telling stories verbally but I am really brute enough to write everything into words.

Yes, I feel like I am a legitimate writer at the same time I am a professional digital artist (in my own little simple ways). With all due respect to these two persons who manages to push my drawing instincts into it’s maximum capacity, inspiring me to continue to create beautiful things even if nobody seems to care with it.My two good old friends, whom I attributed my comic art series, Amihan Ross and Zenia Yevgeni. (this post has been long overdue, but it seems like these three comic illustrations of us with Mother Earth’s extremely jaw dropping back grounds) has fulfilled the lost pieces of my puzzle.

But seriously, I just wanted to attach these monster / pets pictures to this blog entry.



Who would ever thought that I would be able to collect three pictures of us with backgrounds representing the three parts of the world; the land which is represented by the pineapple fields with me standing still at the corner, the ocean which is spread at the background during Rosebe’s travel up north, and the almost touching the sky of Geno’s way up hike towards the highest peak of the Philippines – Mt. Apo.

Random thoughts everyone!

Time: 3:01 A.M.

Still not sleepy. At least I am successful in attaching these photographs into this blog.


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