Lucky Sketch Comics: Shut Up Wallet


Chapter 14

Akiru had another trance this evening and he went up his room, opened his laptop and tried to stitch his recent memory and wrote:

“I don’t know if I ever have told anyone about me and Zenia’s drinking-drunk-sober frenzy lately but it was absolutely none of anyone’s business of what we are up to lately. I was sitting at home one fine evening remembering how to figure things out with my life and then he called me up and he said “Hey! I’m outside. I’m dead serious let’s drink.” Puzzled, I went outside and the next thing I knew I remembered I was walking like a zombie downtown along side with another zombie who told me what if we could make a comic out of this silly situation…”

He sat there reading his words. He told himself “what the fuck did I just wrote down in here?” His phone sounded and received a message from Zenia. “Dude, check this out.” And it was an image about a drunk person charging his wallet instead of his phone.
“This is a great idea for a skit.” added Zenia.
“Yeah, I know, but that’s not ours to keep.”
“It’s okay, no one will find out that we stole the concept.”
“Are you drunk?”


Foot Note:

I apologize for stealing the drunk wallet concept but it was too easy to illustrate and it really fits our whole situation right now. We had an awesome, silly idea of creating nonsense comic skits about these cracky misadventures over Facebook Messenger and I am looking forward for more continued idea sharing about comic related issues.


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