Lucky Sketch Comics: Hair Don’t Care

•Chapter 10•

She was too tired to think of anything else except the weight of her hair. She’s been constantly troubled about how big her hair has become – or at least that’s what she thought it was. Amihan was feeling dreadful about all the outer influence that her soul decided to dish out some cash to clean the nest residing on her head. She ran all the way from school towards Mrs. Poulina’s hair studio. She sprang the door open and jittered the birds chilling outside the shop. Amaya muttered in front of the then already busy Mrs. Poulina the hair dresser. “Miss, I need some serious gardening right above me.”

“Excuse me?” irked Mrs. Poulina

“Fix me. My head’s a mess.”

“I can see that. Sit down young lady and we’ll see what we can do.” Amihan spent the whole afternoon inside the studio to get fixed and she was dumb founded realizing she should have met Zenia down town for some skills mastering since she asked him to do so. Zenia usually get easily pissed off by simple things and the two of them are living at each end of the poles. It was over an hour when Amihan woke up from all of the bedazzling of her hair and she jumped to her feet saying “Mother of teacup! The cocoon will kill me!”

“She slept like a log miss.” Says the random hairdresser.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You’ve got something on your mouth which I don’t want to get involved with.”

She looked straight in the mirror and she saw a parched waterfall-like pattern of her saliva on her mouth.

“You know what? Here’s my cash I need to fly!” She sped off the salon, rented out a metered bicycle and kicked her way towards Zenia who might’ve been so pissed off for waiting.



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