Lucky Sketch Comics: Pokémon Go Later

Just started to collect all my mediocre comic skits on my page and I just wanted to update you guys on what has happened for maybe at least in two weeks.

Over the Kadayawan Festival weekend, I am very honoured and very proud to say that I became a member of two Davao Organizations. One is the Davao Pet Lovers Community. Since I am now a certified dog-owner, well, it was not me who bragged about it. It was my sister’s friend who happened to be a dog trainer. He said after I picked up the dog poop “Lucky, you are now a certified dog owner.” I consider that as a compliment. I took part at the Dog Parade along with Lucy – the Siberian Husky, Lia – the Golden Retriever and Sumi – the Beagle, of course with the other dog members of the DPLC with their corresponding human handlers. Yes, it was remarkable since I met knew friends and saw different kinds of dogs. Although I was feeling nerve wracked since my dog is somewhat -needs higher attention than the others. It was so cool, considering that I carried a pack of ice just to regulate Lucy’s body temperature. Thanks to the Davao Pet Lovers Community, it was an experience I know I could not forget.

At the same day, I was accepted as a member of the then secret group Davao Digital Influencers or the DDI. It’s a pioneering Davao based blogging group who at the infancy stage, received an early recognition from another local org. Knowing that the members are full stacked bloggers, I thought “what the hell I was doing here?” Of course, that’s just my nerve speaking. But then again, yes, I felt a little proud to be part of this blogging group and I am looking forward for whatever things that will happen.

Meanwhile, on my social sites, I decided to pursue the long lost comic series which has been stashed away on the cloud for quite some time now. I have gathered enough skits and that includes the phenomenal downsizing Pokémon Go App! I wonder what happened to the die hard players?
Re: Comics Above
Zenia, Amihan and Akiru found a perfect pub to collect pokéballs, catch Pokémons, light a stick and drink a beer all at the same time and it happens to be just around the block where Akiru lives. Isn’t that Pokémazing? So, I decided to go back to digital art or whatever. Yes, what a tough two week ender.

Thanks for reading nonsense!
P.S. Sorry about the indention, I blogged this on mobile.


2 thoughts on “Lucky Sketch Comics: Pokémon Go Later

  1. Thanks Gillian! I still don’t know where this’ll lead me. May it be comic strips, a short story or maybe just skits…I don’t know. But maybe in the future, if I’ll have all thr appropriate tools, selling books is my number 1 priority!!! Haha!

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  2. I find your comic strip really good. I mean it has the potential to look like a comic book collection. Why don’t u go pursue it, collect them all and make an e-book. Then sell them for download. 🙂

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