Yes Impact Men: Two Folds Of Underlying Depression


You know I’ve been hanging around with Zenia for quite some time now and I must say it was the most unusual set-up of all personal encounters this year. Why? Because the odds are in favor and our concerns met while the beer agreed to all of that.

I don’t understand what’s up with men talking under the influence of beer. However, to be honest, it was cool since I get to have someone who can spin a bottle with me in any places around town and just crack up to boundless manly natural instincts without ever thinking how offensive would that be if brought up to others. Then again, I was overwhelmed about how excessively intuitive this guy is when it comes to heart breaking recoveries of his past, the youthful encounters of the present times and hopefully his future relationships. That’s actually overrated wasn’t it? You know, I’m never gonna be able to count how many times we’ve got drunk over these depressive and delusional discussions.

Midlife crises at its peak.

As I’ve always been reminded of, been demanded about, I will commit this here- NO, I’m not gonna write any biographies. Maybe I’ll stick to these comic-characters which I absolutely did not hesitate affiliating and attributing them respectively.

You know what? Maybe I’ll stick to being jocund.

Two months ago (not really sure), Zenia brought up this sensational idea of saving mankind. I for once also thought about this by preserving nature when I was at the peak of my psychedelic acts. I brought books about conserving energy and how to make less garbage. How not to ruin the already fragile Earth and then ended up in researching about the endangered Polar Bears and their foul innocent cries. I remembered my book, the ‘No Impact Man’ by Colin Beaven. Maybe he too was in his crisis when he wrote this. I’m not so sure about that. Seriously. So when this heroic act has been raised, I was a bit blurred with the decision maybe because it was made when we were drunk. We were planning about – well, in this case, He- wishes to do some charity works while completely under Spiderman’s costume.

That’s just the beginning.

There were numerous attempts of furnishing Spider Man costumes from a glitch which includes online purchases and disregarding bids on ebay. I know, thinking about stitching or knitting spandex will be tough but nonetheless, we pulled it through. Starting of course with the mask. The initial plan was this below:

13978369_10154355796845782_239609160_oand we ended up having this:


Okay, just so not to confuse you, the one’s on the left is the goal and on the right is the “on-going” process. It’s a bit commoner but judging by the craftsmanship, I’d give it an “A” as in “Almost There” or “B” as in “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

As you can see, this is one the the few things which made me forget to update this blog.

You know what?

I need to sleep. Better finish this post thing before the suit ends up forgotten. I’ll be right back when I wake up.





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