Coffee Grounds Coffee


Hey! Clearly I’ve been off here lately because I’ve got two astounding reasons why I kept this one hanging. Number 1 is that I’ve removed my coffee shop breaks from my routine since a. I realized this is such a waste of money for just a cup of coffee on a fancy place which  can be replaced with just a single sachet of an instant coffee and a good lamp at home. That’s a reason why I always find a place to sit outside away from home because of not having a proper lighting. But now I’ve got good lights, good seat, good table, books, I can now brew myself my most loved instant coffee ever – Atomy coffee! and b. coffee is free at the office so why spend more when you can have the best at its cheapest? Number 2 is that our IT support blocked wordpress AF. But that’s not big of a deal. My biggest reason probably because I kept myself busy with study, with ATOMY business and my sketching sidelines which I need to fix by the way not tomorrow but probably right after this blog post.


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