Haruki Comic Series: Long Lost Character

Haruki Carlson


A letter from Haruki Carlson.


“Whatever happened in the past, I am sure it will remain as a memory. For six months, I have journeyed alone and being without you has opened a lot of opportunities. I know I can better myself. Seeing you also doing good and recovering from your own battle, I feel easy and satisfied. We can do this. Let’s just stay this way so everything will be okay.”


This is the untold story of a girl whom this guy fell in love with.


I know, I haven’t sketched this “specific” girl on any of my sketch pad but she still resides in my brain (and in my heart). I had a deep connection with this character. You know, the girl wearing pink costume, blonde straight hair. Typical chick flick lead type kind of thing. Yes, that’s too mainstream but I feel like the old school kicks in – but of course I made this characters way back high school. So I’m just reliving the story that’s running on my noodles for two (my golly) decades now.


I can’t continue creating this character without ever feeling pedantic about the details. Without ever considering my dream plot over the whole story – you know, action, adventure, I say that the whole thing will become emotional and dramatic which is absolutely awkward for me.
Still thinking about the title of this story! Good heavens! When can I finish this one?

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