Lucky Sketch Crew


I grew up imagining my own world set-up only according to my preferences. Like how big the school I have attended, the cafe’s that I sit on every afternoon, the house that I live in, the food that I eat and the friends that I am with. So It’s basically under my control with a pinch of tragedy to make everything looked ready to be on TV series. In short, I’m some kind of a level 10 loner with a bit of a support from limited friends.

After all the years that I’ve been drawing, sketching and imagining, there’s only one character that has never been changed, and that’s the character wearing the red shirt. His name’s Akiru, which I used when I played Ragnarok online and since then, I don’t know it has improved. The important thing is that I grew up with it.

I don’t know what I am doing right now, I was just planning to put the palettes here. I still don’t know what’s the purpose of this blog.



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