Courtesy Tattoo Design

A friend has been killing me with drawing requests which I cannot deny because I’ve already sworn my word of honour. However, my drawing enthusiasm seems to dull out recently. This is the only art illustration I did for the week because I’ve been bummed up from an unanticipated schedule which my elder sister insists of me. I know people have this certain itch of sensation feeling like they are the busiest person in the world and I for once, felt that this week. I felt so busy that I’ve never really wished so hard to have at least a 5 hours of sleep. I tried to add up my rest time and I only got 18 hours of sleeping for 6 days. Since I wanted to hibernate during the weekend, I decided to get drunk on Friday (which is today) and maybe wake up 5 days after (just kidding).


5 days ago, I wrote this blog and I definitely am sober right now. I got drunk with my work mate friend and another person who joined us UPSTAIRS who reminded me I had a credit and an obligation to make him a tattoo cartoon design which I failed to do for a year now. The only recover period I was able to perform was to hold my pencils and brushes and think I am normal on a weekend. You know, it’s not easy to draw a specific cartoon and just satisfy someone who has a fixed illustration on their mind. So I ended up making a dozen of scratched designs and it’s making me ill. As what I’ve said before, I need more time or maybe I need more inspirations to push through it all. As you can see in this post, I’ve attached 3 of the sketch illustration samples, all of them, along with the other designs were either rejected or never minded. Silly.


I can’t draw anymore.

I want to sleep more.


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