The Mysterious Illustrator


Credits to Menstos who I cannot access his Deviantart website who also owns these artworks that he gave me enough inspiration and idea on what to paint now. I know I should be doing these kind of illustrations given that I already bought my tools and materials to create wonderful stuffs but sadly, because I couldn’t find or maybe allocate time to just sit down and paint, I couldn’t possibly create these eye-salivating images. Menstos, if you reached this site, I have used your works as reference (and my wallpaper) for my future masterpieces. As of now, I’ll pretend I didn’t see these so I couldn’t mess up my day job, dreaming I should quit it and just paint all through out the year.

Meanwhile, at the end of the rope, I’m still begging and wishing that the time will stop maybe for at least two hours after 10 P.M. so I’ll have more time to study and read the pending books I’ve borrowed stranded on my desk at home.

Also, I’ve made some obvious change here on my site so it won’t be that boring as the grey scaled theme. Red for hunger. Red for love and Red for – the popular red french fries carton.


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