Drafts Are Antiquities




I write almost everywhere on my spare time. I also sketch whenever there is peace. What to do with those unpublished thoughts and images? Collect them and paste them together to create your own version of Antiquities.


Draft 1

There are five people standing in front of me waiting for the bus ride. They were all so remarkable that I was able to draw them from my memory.


Draft 2

My cousin is such a lame self-centered llama. I don’t understand why he needs so much attention that he puts his book at the dining table and see to it that everyone notices him studying albeit the room is busy with the meal and catching ups. His sister always talks about Kpop above everything else but neglects contributing chores.  I just missed my aunt.


Draft 3

“You know I’m kind of a – the emotional kind of person who isn’t afraid to tell and decipher what’s inside my mind, my heart and probably my soul. I sometimes think that I needed an outlet to release the tension in me through my blog (here on Lucky Sketch) but I always remind myself that this isn’t private any more and I’ve got bloggers, readers, friends and random people who will be able to read everything what’s in here. Was this my soul intention of writing? That’s still an un-thought issue whether I should show my vulnerabilities or just plain simple nonsense.

This is me. Yes. This blog is me. I’ve dedicated my life into writing so as to feed my soul. That’s how I know I could make use of my intelligence but not that erudite of course. Maybe they’ll ask “what’s wrong with this person?” or “I think he’s crazy” or whatever.”


Draft 4

I just realized I’m such a pathetic, insolent, fool, writing randomly at almost everywhere. I don’t feel ashamed of what I have written then.


Draft 5

I grew up from a religious family; the traditional Filipino religious Catholics. The one’s with the handkerchief-smudging kind of religious type of persons. My family and I had this tradition- Visita de Iglesia and the Via Crusis to name a few. We sometimes go out on a trip to pay a visit at the different Catholic churches around the country. We also paid a visit at the Lapu-lapu city to see the miracle being held by the Birhen de Regla there. That’s how awesome of a Catholic I am and that was not a problem with me. I embraced it because I know I have a kin. I love being religious and the power to rejuvenate my spirit.


Draft 6

I’ve been digging my noodles down to its Marianas Trench capabilities just to stretch my inauspicious knowledge about the world religions. Now I am at my 60% of understanding the 11th topic that I unravelled which is all about John the Baptist who was also referred to as the apocalyptic preacher.

This is such a very difficult subject to write about since I only have read a single book which talks about the early life of John the Baptist and why he was inferior to Jesus of Nazareth. In order for me to prove that the statements written on that book – which I am not going to tell you now, is that I got the chance to read the Gospels of John, Mark and Luke on the Bible altogether with the writings of Josephus as per told by the writer in the book whom I had a very difficult time reading because of its verbosity.

John’s biography is very interesting because it took me off guard knowing he played such a big role in defining who Jesus Christ is. John grew up with a priestly family but left to pursue his goal of establishing the Kingdom of God. John’s time was replete with ablutionary practices.


So my drafts are cleaned.


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