Birthday Gift Idea

These are some of the character arts I made intended for someone’s birthday gift. So instead of creating a collage of pictures from the celebrant, I decided to sketch my office mates – 22 of them, the cartoon version of themselves and paste it on a booklet for where their messages for the celebrant is written.

The mini book was then called “The Birthday Book(let).” A 30 page dedication hand crafted mini book with collaboration from the office staff of course and with the help of the kids from the village.

The cool part of this mini book is that I also put a “table of contents” , “introduction” and the “credits.” Besides that, I did it over a cup of coffee one fine Sunday afternoon.




9 thoughts on “Birthday Gift Idea

  1. they were just my silly impressions which I think could make the whole thing look interesting… haha! Maybe I have to post the whole book? I’ll try to borrow that one again…just so I could take a picture.


  2. Aw, that’s so sweet! I always think it’s better to personalise a gift than simply buy one. Also, your colleagues have some funky hair colours.. or are those just for the cartoons? 😀

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