Thai Iced Tea


WARNING! This story is so nonsense, you won’t learn anything from stupid.

I can’t believe myself trying to tell stories about this drink I had probably 2 weekends ago. To tell you honestly, I have no idea what I am doing right now and the only subject I can only think of is about this tea which I asked from the waiter that I never really actually had at least a sip with.

Why I decided to draw it is because I felt so sad that I didn’t touch it nor feel the sweat of ice dripping from the outside of the glass. Ever since the day I disregarded that Thai Iced Tea, I’ve been hearing people talking about it and wanting to drink it. I also saw pictures of it on the internet and since the weather is dreadful, it makes me even more regretful. The city is so hot, I can’t spell Ay Uhm Thirtsy. I just wanted to go to work on trunks with a pair of shades on and a corsage on my head. The heat of the sun is humiliating my existence.


Alas! I am here to gobble you up!

One very hot afternoon, I decided to get a revenge with that drink. That smooth, silky (no not that silky), cold, full of ice cubes, orange, Thai iced tea which has been bothering me for days. I sat down waiting for that glass to be served right under my nose as the sun still grinning, waiting for me to burn in despair (sorry for being nonsense).

A little background. At least if you’ve reached this far, you’ve learned something from this post.

Thai Tea also known as Thai Iced Tea is a strongly brewed Ceylon Tea. Since Ceylon Tea is quite expensive, a local grown landrace version of Assam (from India) known as Bai Miang with added food coloring (orange in particular) is commonly used. The one that I tried had a very sweet, powdery flavor because of the sugar and condensed milk. I saw a youtube video about mixing Thai Milk Tea starting off with the sugar first, the coconut milk or evaporated milk before the tea itself just so to add an effect of a milky bottom.

My point: I didn’t finish the tea. I don’t like Thai Iced Tea. I’ll go back to drinking iced coffee from McDonald’s instead or maybe from that nestle vendo machine.



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