Keepsakes Cafe Davao


You know I have been more auspicious with my craft specially now that I have the correct equipment to use. All I need now is time and inspiration.

So, to collect ideas, I decided to sit down at coffee shops and start to think of what to paint. I remember Onur Oyeldan, a Dreamworks animator / illustrator. (Not that he knows) I was really inspired by his works and his space. Instead of drawing people around, I thought of sketching foods and whatever things aside from persons.


Keepsakes Cafe Davao offered me some time to sit down and think of how to start my habit with sketching (again). There were so many things that you can fix your eyes upon on since the cafe’ has some sort of different set up with each lounging and dining areas. I remember the ones that we had a seat on was ‘Mom’s Garden’; A place where the sink and the light is a pail, the table is daisy and the walls are grassy. There were also a wall of (absurd) sticky notes from customers and a couple of couple love locks on the wall with similar concept with ones in Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France – which is interesting to be offered for whoever wants to symbolically vow their promises with each other. Cheesy.

So, if you’re on a budget and you wanted to stay some place where you can just sit and be lazy, then try this place.

You can check their Facebook page here. Or visit the place with the map below.


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