Nadri Korean Restaurant


I had a short visit to Nadri Korean Restaurant last night as I was invited by Emyat and Marianne to have a dinner with. The first thing they asked me to try is Nadri’s Spicy Tofu Soup which I hesitated instantly. I never had the thought of eating tofu as it looks very weird for me. But then again, my thoughts were just as ignorant as it shouldn’t be. My first tofu meal didn’t fail me and I might actually consider tofu on the list to order in the future.

Last night’s conversation over Korean festive table was all about expressing yourself through art. It’s being able to express what you are passionate about and how to put them in words. How you find your place to meditate and let your thoughts be extracted from your mind through your fingers and be visible from paper or screen.

I told Marianne- a poet and a writer, to let herself and her craft be available to people as she wouldn’t know the possibilities of who she can inspire with. So we had a little brainstorming and I had a chance to doodle over Dak Galbi (chicken rib) and Rice cake on my mouth.



It’s been a week now and I have collaborated a poem art with Marianne. You can read more about her short stories, poems and letters at THE OPTIMISTIC OVERTHINKER .




10 thoughts on “Nadri Korean Restaurant

  1. Hello sir Ray! Yes sir, Please, it is my pleasure to be reblogged by you. You may do so in the future with consent. Really? Does their cuisine differ from the South? Or is it the same?


  2. Oh! Not really. Korean food is everywhere here in my Country. It’s like Chinese noodle in convenient stores. It’s tofu that I dont like not until i tried it.


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