My Ablutionary Discovery

It’s not really that funny to be on an accident but it was cool that I was able to be on a don’t panic mode during and after the whole situation even though this blood streaming line on my forehead is somewhat making a way for a new ablutionary practice.

I can’t really elaborate the whole disaster right now but my point is never forget to wear a helmet. It was lucky for me that I was able to stand up, fix myself and call for help. Thank goodness the doctor says that I’ll be fine although right now this anti tetanu vaccine is making me ill.

Aside from that accident, during the long Holy Week holidays, I spent watching series of Running Man on DramaCool, slept through the whole sunny afternoon and congratulating Pocoyo for graduating and doing a job well done at kindergarten. I also had a a great lunch with the in-laws of my sister-in-law because of the enormity of the food being served.

Sad part is that I have to end my long weekend with a scar on my face.
I feel sorry I didn’t finish the bootcamp but at least I got new friends!


4 thoughts on “My Ablutionary Discovery

  1. Get better soon! Glad it’s nothing too serious.

    PS I loved Running Man. Key word: ‘loved’ – haven’t had time to watch it properly since my college days. Used to stay up watching episodes until 6am, then rolling out of bed and to class at 11am. Good times.

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