Michael Carreon’s Love and Happiness


Since I believe that good music deserves a good recognition, I decided to add another category to my page. My Music page serves as my music story background from artists that I listen to everyday. I have written a blog before about my passion of carried away influence from different artists and composers.


So, for now, let me introduce Michael Carreon. I first heard his single The Simple Things on Spotify afternoon session and I was a bit hooked so I readily downloaded him from iTunes.


The kind of music he has reminds me of my early years of having less Lady Gaga anthem. You know, those times when Jason Mraz was trying to convince us with the words he play and the way Colbie Callait actually agreed to him.


Michael Carreaon, a 21 year old independent singer / song writer from San Diego, California, has been in love with music since he was at a very young age but he realized it later that music is his passion. He started his journey with music at coffee shop performances and Youtube recordings. He went on and started his project to jump start his career on KickStarter on January 2011 and since then, there has been numerous of pledges to back him up which made his 1st album entitled ‘MICHAEL CARREON EP’ come to exist with the help of Jessie Herrera.


You can download him on iTunes here and listen to his music for free here. You can also check him out on Tumblr here.

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