Music Is All That Matters


One fine Sunday evening, I took a glass of beer on a pub just two blocks away from my place and noticed another unlit Miss Teaz flier on the wall. I am not familiar with who the artist was so I looked it up on google and found out that she’s making a bit of a name in Manila crafting smoove R&B and hip hop vibes. I decided to come and visit her session at Huckleberry Kitchen and Bar on March 11, 2016, 9PM as the beers are served chilled for sure. So you guys who are around you should check it out.


Music moves me.

I really couldn’t imagine life without music. So I am grateful to all the artists out there who share the goodness of sound been created; from demo tapes, mixed recordings, audio background, Studio Ghibli scores, drum beats, beat boxes, snare attempts, bass, guitar covers and even humming. You know, those kind of music you’d appreciate when you are deafened by the world that surrounds you.

It was just recent when I gained interests not only for the singers and their music but specifically from the background of which the story behind the composition of lyrics are being relayed. There’s this one specific artist whom I realized that what’s underneath his music is something worth listening to and knowing about. I’m talking about Christian Burghardt. I only knew this guy as someone who randomly follows you on Twitter. As he was verified, I suddenly took the chance to follow back like the courtesy I discovered for Susan Bennett also popularly known as the voice behind Siri for Apple on Twitter. Of course, as days move along, I noticed there’s a bit of pain and desperation in every artists that I followed since most of them tweet their passion and their anxieties out loud. That’s really enough for me to be curious to proceed with the biography. Christian Burghardt’s first debut single  “Safe Place To Land” is an upbeat, anthemic song about letting go of someone you know but you’re confident that there are always there for you. The moment I’ve read about his background here , I finally understood the meaning of the connection from the artist and to the listeners. This has been obviously offered by Apple iTune’s music – it really is everything about music in one place.

It was then after I listened to series of acoustic sessions and interviews on Youtube from Burghardt that I felt how passionate this artist with his craft that he left what he has got before his contract just to pursue the dreams that he wanted. Knowing that reason I know that that’s what art is. The art of letting go. The art of choosing sides of which whatever you choose either of each sides, you know you won’t feel bad because you know what’s in it. But then in the end, if everything fails, you just have to feel the pain and move on.

Music is everything.

If you are into fresh new artists, like Christian Burghardt follow him @ChristianBmusic and just…just listen to him. Also, please take into consideration Alessia Cara – I have blogged also about her here probably three months ago as I was also moved by her artistry which made Taylor Swift like a drooling hyena.



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