Davao Street Art


“Technically make your life your best masterpiece.”

Today I experienced one of the things I dreamed of doing; Street arts and Graffiti. I always pass through this street art freedom wall in my city and was thinking when shall I be able to paint on those walls. I really am very thankful for the crew who “adopted” us and let us put our visual arts be in public.

Before we were doodling and paint brushing and doing the dirty hands, we had a small talk about the history, the style and forms of art used. Visual Art in Public Location is an unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional venues. Street art started in the 80’s and since then, the forms has gone through a lot of changes. The forms of art appears and disappears. It’s not permanent, it promotes idea and the impact will be in the minds of the viewers.

The world’s most famous graffiti/street artist is Bansky, an English based graffiti artist who has never been seen before. Since he was so mysterious, his arts has been sought after and the walls he painted at, costs so much than your car.

Other street artists who shaped the streets of the urban life includes Shepard Fairey an American contemporary artist. The Space Invader a french urban artist and Twister and Amaze which uses a hand-style art.

I felt really free the whole time I was doing the art although I consider myself as a newbie of course this was my first time. I’m looking forward to learn and do some street arts in the future in collaboration with the WL team.


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