Glitch Of Memory


It’s not Throwback Thursday yet but I had this glitch of memory in me. It’s hard to admit that you miss someone or something so dearly that every time you see pictures of the past, it reminds you of how good those days were when you were thinking nothing but to enjoy each person’s presence.

This is what I posted on my previous (too personal blog). The date was August 22, 2011. The place was La Bianca’s pizza and pasta parlor at Damosa Gateway:


Sometimes, you don’t need an occasion just to celebrate something. Gone are the days where you are with friends who are always there to hang out with you because that’s what friends do when they have all the time they needed. But when they don’t have much time, gone are the friends who aren’t reachable enough just to keep up with you. It’s normal and that’s just it. Those who find ways to paste themselves and reach out and spend time for others will always have memories to keep after. Those who do not, will enjoy pictures taken by those who did.

So here are some of the moments I’ve never wasted time being with two friends whom I thought have the busiest schedule among others:



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