Bubble Gum Spit


You know it’s a little difficult for me to engage my thoughts into writing lately not because I was running out of juice but because I realized that this page has reached Czech Republic, Russia, Nigeria and countries that I may have never even dared to drop a pin to know. So that’s a little pressure from the audience. However, I really am thankful to all of you for trying to understand and guessing the flavor of my noodles.

This time, I came here because I figured something out and this something out is squeezed thinly out of my nerves and I eventually considered it as an unlocked passive skill.

Just for you to know, I’m a good person with a squiggly little jerk inside me. I’ll tell you honestly, my best friend calls me ‘sarcastic psycho path.’ Although I’m trying to be positive that it’s just a joke. Or is it? Nevertheless, If you are one of those who received my sarcasm, please forgive me.

I don’t normally hate people. I’m more of the ‘I just don’t like you’ type and I am not talking about this specific person which I feel stupid talking about- who I really thanked so much because I’ve learned a wisdom. Which means, my level of sarcasm went from level 10; the highest, to level 5; for being controlled.

Aaargh! This is really hard. Okay, let me just put my crayons on the box first. Not long ago, I was being held responsible for someone’s temper on a group conversation which involves a person asking questions with the answer just on his forehead. As I’ve mentioned, I’m a squiggly jerk who sells common sense bubble gums and everybody else is buying it except one.

To put things easy, I was like feeding a starfish with a gum and realized later that it doesn’t have a mouth. So I decided to chew the gum instead and eventually spit it out. I don’t care anymore. That’s it!

So, these things are my something out:

-Young men thinks old men fools. Old men knows, young men are. The sad part is the other way around.

-If you can’t handle fools, there’s always one thing you can never go wrong with; the ability of ignorance.

-In times of the know-it-all, it’s best to drop the all and keep the know it.

Right now, I enjoy my life without ever having to deal with a bunch of jerks. Because I had enough trouble with me.

I’ll pat you on the back ME!


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