The Food Prophet


If I ever had a chance to write a gleaming episode title during the start of this day – right when I wake up, it would be “Food Around the World.” I actually have no idea why I am writing this entry right now. I think this is the result of the course which I took about creating a writing habit and stuff. So did that make sense?

So I ran through a couple of articles on google then I ended up with Buzzfeed’s ‘Lunch Around The World.‘ These are images of a typical school lunch right across the globe from Japan to Nicaragua, Indonesia to Israel, Thailand, Turkey and the rest. I have to say, U.S.A. – based on the images that I’ve seen has the worst meal based on health benefits and its cost out of all. Of all, Jewish Food is my favorite; aside from my wife’s cooking.

When I was about to take my lunch, I recalled the images that I saw. They all looked really tempting, they all looked really good. So I realized that maybe it isn’t about the food that’s delicious. It’s probably about how well the person prepared the meal, how they cooked it and how they serve it. Also, foods tastes really better when shared.  We cannot be thankful enough for these blessings.

pig pie

This is Pig Pie but there’s no actually pork in it. I don’t know why it’s called as it is. It is made of flour, vanilla, egg, sugar, onion, vegetable oil and scallion. No pig. Just a pie.

My typical meal includes either Milk, malt or coffee paired with pig pie, malungay bread or budong, biscuits, crackers, hotdog sandwich for breakfast; pumpkin, string beans, vegetable soup, chicken curry, rice, banana, watermelon for lunch; rice, bread, juice, tomato, cucumber, fish for dinner. I only eat pork during the weekends as planned but during weekdays, I eat less pork, less meat less oil.

The food that we take defines us. As goes the saying “You are what you eat.”


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